Thursday, July 1, 2010

PeWee PC loses the stylus, gains average netbook status

Previously on Computers Designed For Children, protagonist PeeWee PC introduced us to its creation, the Pivot Laptop a cute little netvertible with childish specs -- but a $600 price that set it well out of reach of the average piggy bank. One year later, PeeWee has matured, but not necessarily for the better.

For $100 less, the new PeeWee Power Laptop sports the same carry handle and kid-friendly construction as its predecessor (though with a faster 1.6GHz Atom N4 50 processor, mind you), but completely ditches the tablet PC functionality. Without a stylus or touchscreen for kids on which to express their creativity (read: color outside of the lines), we're not quite sure of the point. In truth, the power Laptop is neither laptop nor powerful -- merely a kid-friendly netbook at an adult price point. But hey, it's got a carry handle!

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