Thursday, July 1, 2010

iBuyPower Crams Core i7-980x Extreme Edition Into Paladin Desktop Line

If you somehow held off on buying a core i7 rig as soon as they popped out last year, you're in luck -- and your poor Pentium II system is flat out of it. Just about everyone has updated their gaming desktop lines this week with an option to splurge on Intel's 3.33GHz (or more) Core i7-980x Extreme Edition processor, and iBuyPower is no diffrent. Said PC builder is now offering the chip within four of its Paladin desktop, and given that the stock clock speed is far too sluggish for your own greedy self, the Paladin XLC V3 ships in an overclocked configuration that promises a 30 percent boost in performance over the stock silicon.

The rigs also ship with 6GB or 12GB of DDR3 memory the latest and greatest ATI / NVIDIA graphics cards, an optional Blu-ray burner and a fresh copy of windows 7. The lowest-end rig gets going at $2,159, while the aforesaid XLC V3 will set you back $4,409; the whole gang is available to customize

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